Fat Grafting

Have you ever wished you could take fat off one part of your body and transport it to another? This can be a reality with our innovative technology and fat grafting procedure!

Fat grafting is available at the Plastic Surgery Group for patients interested in having fat removed from certain regions of their body they feel have excess fat, such as the tummy, the back, or the thighs. It is then transferred to a preferred area of the body that is lacking in volume, such as the breasts, buttocks, or face.


How Does Fat Grafting Work?

If you are deemed a good candidate for the fat grafting procedure, your doctor will first harvest the fat in the area you both agree on. During this process, one of our surgeons will make an incision in the area and carefully use a syringe to extract the fat – otherwise known as liposuction.

The next step is purification. When the fat has all been harvested, it needs to be purified to ensure there are no impurities before the transfer process. Lastly, a syringe will be used to transfer the purified fat into the desired area. A plastic surgeon will use special techniques to create a perfectly sculpted end result.

The great part about fat grafting is that it has an extremely natural feel compared to implants, because you are only using your own fat. This creates a natural look for those who don’t want a dramatic change to their appearance.


Common Fat Grafting Areas

While the fat can be removed from virtually anywhere on your body, the placement of the harvested and purified fat will depend on your individual goals. Here are some of the more common placement areas:

  • Lip Enhancement
  • Cheekbone Filler
  • Breast Enhancement
  • Hand and Wrist Rejuvenation
  • Buttocks Enhancement

In addition, fat grafting can also be utilized to reduce the appearance of scars or fill pockets in the skin that sometimes result from liposuction.


Fat Grafting Procedures in New Jersey

If you have excess fat on your waist, stomach, flanks, thighs or back that you would like removed, consider fat grafting. This simple procedure will allow you to use your very own fat from an undesirable location and move it to a more aesthetically pleasing area on the body.

Fat grafting is minimally invasive, so the recovery time is minimal. If you are interested in fat grafting or any of our other procedures, contact Plastic Surgery Group today to schedule your consultation in New Jersey.