Revision Surgery

Unfortunately, there will be times when patients are unhappy with their plastic surgery results or grow unhappy with them after many years. This is especially true when someone has used discounted plastic surgery services, has worked with plastic surgeons outside of the United States, or when working with an unqualified plastic surgeon.

Revision may also be necessary when decades of time have passed since the original procedure, the patient gains a lot of weight or gets pregnant post-surgery, or the patient sustains some sort of injury. The Plastic Surgery Group offers various revision surgery procedures for the breast and body to help patients in New Jersey and New York achieve the aesthetic they dream of achieving.

Our team of skilled surgeons has seen at all, and we are skilled in repairing poor plastic surgery jobs or outdated jobs so that the patient is safe and happy with their appearance.


Breast Revision Surgery

There are a few different reasons why someone may want breast revision surgery. The most common reason is that the patient wants to go up or down in their implant size. With a revision surgery, the plastic surgeon will be able to upgrade the patient’s implants or add additional volume if sagging and volume loss occurred with age. The breast implants can also be switched out with saline or silicone depending on the patient’s desires, as tastes can easily change after a period of time.

Breast revision surgery may also be necessary in cases where the patient received breast implants from an unqualified surgeon and are unhappy with the results, or if the patient wishes to have the implants removed altogether.


Body Revision Surgery

There are several different body revision procedures available at the Plastic Surgery Group. Reasons for body revision surgery may include rapid weight gain, weight gain paired with rapid weight loss, pregnancy following a body procedure, or when decades have passed and the patient wants fresher results.

Body revision surgery procedures will be unique depending on the exact body procedure the patient originally underwent, but in the end, the Plastic Surgery Group will ensure the patient recovers with the results they hoped for.


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A patient’s specific revision surgery plan will depend entirely on the patient’s individual health and aesthetic goals, as well as the procedure they need revised. At the Plastic Surgery Group, we are happy to work with our patients to ensure they are able to safely achieve their goals. For more information on how we can help you, please contact us today to schedule your revision surgery consultation.