Ideal Structured Implant

When considering a breast augmentation procedure, there are several different items that need to be considered. Implant brand, material, size, and shape will all vary depending on the patient and surgeon’s preferences. At the Plastic Surgery Group, our surgeons are committed to giving our patients all of the information they will need to make an informed decision about their breast augmentation procedure. Read on to learn why some women and surgeons prefer the Ideal Structured Implant to decide if it may be right for you.


Natural Saline Implants

The Ideal Implant boasts the fact that it was designed by a plastic surgeon. The Ideal Structured Implant is constructed using a series of implant shells within two separate chambers, which are filled with saline. This implant type does not contain any silicone, so it is a great alternative to the large silicone market.


Advantages of the Ideal Structured Implant

Because this implant has a saline fill with unique structure, it will feel more natural to the touch than traditional saline implants. The Ideal Structured Implant has a lower capsule contracture rate and requires a smaller incision than silicone implants. In the rare event that there is a leak, saline can be safely absorbed by the body without any serious health concerns. Comparatively, breast augmentation patients with silicone implants are advised to get a MRI every couple of years to ensure there are no leaks.


Who is the Ideal Structured Implant Best for?

The Ideal Structured Implant is the best choice for patients who are allergic to silicone. Silicone allergies are relatively common, and in the case of an allergy, it can be dangerous to undergo a breast augmentation with silicone material anywhere in the implant. The Ideal Structured Implant is silicone-free, so this would be the “ideal” choice for these patients!

Patients who also want the peace of mind in the event of a leak may also prefer the Ideal Structured Implant. When compared to traditional saline implants, the Ideal Structured Implant is unique because it has the natural feel of a silicone gel, providing the perfect alternative for many breast augmentation patients.


Learn More About the Ideal Structured Implant in NJ

Is the Ideal Structured Implant right for you? You can only know for sure after a thorough breast augmentation consultation at the Plastic Surgery Group. Our plastic surgeons are excited about the FDA-approved Ideal Structured Implant, and are seeing great results among patients! Contact us today to learn more and we would be happy to help you make the best decision for your body.