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Breast Revision Surgery (and What We Do to Prevent It)

Complications from breast augmentation surgery are rare, but we do see them at the Plastic Surgery Group of New Jersey. The overwhelming majority of our breast augmentation patients enjoy their implants for many years, but occasionally we see patients from other practices that have developed a complication and require additional or revision surgery to fix it.

Revision surgery can involve replacing the original pair of implants with a new pair, or simply removing them altogether. Because it is a costly and time-consuming experience, our plastic surgeons do everything we can when planning and placing implants to prevent the need for future revision surgery. Here are a few steps that can be taken to avoid breast augmentation complications requiring revision surgery.

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Are Breast Implants Toxic?

Do you dream of augmenting your small bust via breast augmentation — but question the safety of breast implants? This month’s blog post is written specifically for you, as the team at the Plastic Surgery Group of New Jersey tackles concerns surrounding the safety of breast implant devices.

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Millennials Explain Why They Had Plastic Surgery

If you tend to associate plastic surgery with tummy tuck and facelift procedures, you may be surprised to learn that one of the fastest-growing demographics seeking plastic surgery is millennials (individuals currently in their 20s and early 30s). Here, the team at the Plastic Surgery Group of New Jersey breaks down some of the most common millennial motivations for pursuing procedures like breast augmentation, liposuction, lip augmentation and more.

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Americans Spent $13.5 Billion on Plastic Surgery in 2015

Last year, Americans spent a record-breaking amount on plastic surgery. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, this was the first time plastic surgeons noted such high numbers — closing in on almost $14 billion. This is a $1.5 billion increase from 2014 to 2015.  The team at the Plastic Surgery Group of New Jersey breaks down the news in more detail here.

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Talking to Your Children about Plastic Surgery

Many of the patients that visit us at the Plastic Surgery Group of New Jersey tell us they prefer to keep their cosmetic treatment discreet in order to avoid chatter from friends, co-workers and acquaintances. However, when it comes to family and children, it is impossible to keep surgery a complete secret. Children are (perhaps surprisingly!) perceptible and can detect the most subtle changes. Therefore, if you are planning to have a plastic surgery procedure, you will probably have to say something to your kids. The question is, what?

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Neck Lift for a Younger, Sleeker Jawline and Neck

The team at the Plastic Surgery Group of New Jersey has frequently observed how the upper and lower face age at different paces. Sometimes, the lower face, including the jawline, chin and neck, can start to sag and wrinkle more quickly than the eyes and forehead. To address this disparity in the aging process, our plastic surgeons offer neck lift surgery, which can be performed independently of other facial rejuvenation procedures, to counteract the laxity and sagging around the jawline and neck. Read on to learn more about what neck lift can accomplish.

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The Health Benefits of Plastic Surgery

In most cases, the focus of plastic surgery is to improve a person’s appearance — by increasing the size of their breasts, reducing the circumference of their waist or minimizing signs of aging. However, some of the plastic surgery procedures performed by the Plastic Surgery Group of New Jersey also help to improve the patient’s health and resolve health problems.

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Paying with Bitcoin: Changing the “Face” of Business

The Plastic Surgery Group based in Montclair, New Jersey is changing the face of business. They now accept Bitcoin as a method of payment for all surgical and non-surgical services.  The Plastic Surgery Group works to be ahead of the curve in implementing the latest technologies into their practice.

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Join us for our June Seminar!

Upload: May 17, 2016


Our next presentation will be hosted by Barry S. Citron, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Monday, June 13th 2016 at 5:30pm in our Montclair office
37 North Fullerton Ave. Montclair, NJ 07042

“Everything you want to know about Plastic Surgery, but were afraid to ask…”

Q&A to follow presentation

Hors d’oeuvres to be served

*Speaker to begin promptly at 6pm*

Call today to reserve your spot! 973-233-1933
RSVP Required – Limited seats available

Lip Enhancements Break Record

According to data released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, lip enhancement is one of the fastest-growing procedures of the past 15 years. Last year, a lip enhancement procedure was performed approximately every 20 minutes. Here, the team at the Plastic Surgery Group of New Jersey explains why a record number of people are discovering the benefits of lip enhancement.

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What Breast Surgery Patients Should Know – But Don’t

Breast surgery realitiesAt the Plastic Surgery Group of New Jersey, our team believes in total transparency. We want our patients to feel as educated and informed as possible when making decisions about their care. Though the majority of our patients have done a lot of research on their desired breast procedure before coming to us, there are things that they don’t know and that we reveal during the consultation process. Here are some examples:

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Hot Is The New Cold

As we approach springtime, everyone starts to think about getting their “beach bodies” in shape.  This year, more than ever, plastic surgeons have options in skin tightening and fat melting that do not involve surgery.  These nonsurgical, energy-based, devices have become all the rage because they require no down time and are actually pleasurable treatments.
Upload: March 30, 2016

One option is the new Vanquish ME which uses radiofrequency waves to selectively heat up the fat tissues around the waist, abdomen and thigh regions.  Sessions take approximately 45 minutes for each area and essentially feel like one is lying on the beach getting suntan without the harmful UV rays.  Fat cells that are heated to the right temperature will wither away and get absorbed by the body.  Approximately 6-8 sessions are needed to achieve about 2-3 inch waistline shrinkage.  Although the results are not as dramatic as liposuction, they do provide patients who absolutely refuse surgery to accomplish some of their goals.

Another nonsurgical option, the Venus Concept uses a handheld device to deliver the same radiofrequency energy.  This process feels more like having a hot stone massage and is performed manually by one of our Medical Aestheticians or Physicians Assistants.  Again, the tissues are heated to a level at which skin shrinks and the fat just below the skin is partially melted.

We believe that Vanquish has more fat melting abilities for the deeper fat, 1-inch below the surface and less of a skin tightening effect, whereas the Venus Concept has more effect on superficial skin tightening and melts fat closest to the skin surface.

We have established a program called “Total Concept” which combines the Vanquish ME and Venus Concept performed back-to-back to achieve the maximum effect on skin tightening and fat melting.  The reason this is more effective is that it takes 15 minutes for each device to heat the tissues to the optimal temperature for effectiveness.  If the tissues are already preheated by the Vanquish, the use of Venus Concept for skin tightening begins immediately without any intervening downtime.

We believe these state of the art technologies are the best options available today to achieve broad areas of skin tightening and fat melting without surgery.

Freezing fatty tissues is another technique used to destroy fat cells but involves spot area treatment, so to treat wide areas of the waist requires multiple applications of a suction cup like device. The treatment can be uncomfortable and often leaves areas of numbness where treatments were performed. I know this from personal experience!

Vanquish ME and Venus Concept, which generates thermal energy, is a pleasant sensation of warmth and leaves no areas of numbness. It gives a broader treatment area than the spot treatments with freezing devices.  Vanquish ME treatments have received a 73% approval rating on, which is a testament to the fact that the greater majority of patients who undergo these treatments are satisfied with the results and the treatment process as well. Even patients who have had surgery and liposuction can enhance their results with these treatments!

If surgery is not the right option for you, then our Vanquish ME and Venus Concept are great treatments to melt fat around the waist and thighs and tighten skin of the neck, face or belly. Call our office today and get your physique ready for summer fun!

Allen D. Rosen, M.D.