Breast Surgery

Breast Revision Surgery (and What We Do to Prevent It)

Complications from breast augmentation surgery are rare, but we do see them at the Plastic Surgery Group of New Jersey. The overwhelming majority of our breast augmentation patients enjoy their implants for many years, but occasionally we see patients from other practices that have developed a complication and require additional or revision surgery to fix it.

Revision surgery can involve replacing the original pair of implants with a new pair, or simply removing them altogether. Because it is a costly and time-consuming experience, our plastic surgeons do everything we can when planning and placing implants to prevent the need for future revision surgery. Here are a few steps that can be taken to avoid breast augmentation complications requiring revision surgery.

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Are Breast Implants Toxic?

Do you dream of augmenting your small bust via breast augmentation — but question the safety of breast implants? This month’s blog post is written specifically for you, as the team at the Plastic Surgery Group of New Jersey tackles concerns surrounding the safety of breast implant devices.

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What Breast Surgery Patients Should Know – But Don’t

Breast surgery realitiesAt the Plastic Surgery Group of New Jersey, our team believes in total transparency. We want our patients to feel as educated and informed as possible when making decisions about their care. Though the majority of our patients have done a lot of research on their desired breast procedure before coming to us, there are things that they don’t know and that we reveal during the consultation process. Here are some examples:

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Dr. Allen Rosen Published in Aesthetic Surgery Journal

Upload: March 29, 2016

We are extremely proud to announce that our very own Dr. Rosen was published in the March 2016 Volume of the Aesthetic Surgery Journal!

The Aesthetic Surgery Journal is a leading peer-reviewed international journal publishing high-quality research in aesthetic surgery.
Dr. Rosen’s publication titled, ‘Periareolar Closure With Barbed Sutures,” discusses the evolution of a technique he uses while performing augmentation, mastopexy, and breast reduction surgeries.

Congratulations Dr. Rosen!

Skin Sparing in Mastectomy and Reconstruction

Skin Sparing MastectomySkin-sparing mastectomy was developed to minimize the deformity that results following removal of breast tissue for treatment of breast cancer. Two generations ago, skin muscle, nipple and all the surrounding lymph nodes were removed at the sign of breast cancer and this resulted in a cure. Over the years through intensive studies, it became obvious that the breast tissue is not usually associated with the breast skin so removal of the cancer could be safely performed scooping it out like taking a walnut out of its shell, leaving the skin muscle and lymph nodes intact if they were not involved.

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