Test Testimonials

  • “My experience with The Plastic Surgery Group is truly unforgettable. From the moment you schedule an appointment to your last visit, you are treated with nothing but love and care. The doctors and staff are fantastic. I would definitely recommend the doctors at The Plastic Surgery Group.”

  • “I can't express how much I love this practice! I have seen their Physician Assistant Stephanie and she is the BEST! My lips were always an insecurity of mine and Stephanie made them look beautiful by using Juvederm. She knew exactly what product to use, and how much product to use to make them look perfect...They are so professional from the moment you make the appointment on the phone, to the time you walk out the door. Overall a VERY happy patient! “

  • “I am so happy that I have found the Plastic Surgery Group. I have never had any surgical or non-surgical procedures done before but have always been self-conscious about my stomach…after my first consultation with Dr. Rosen and his team, I knew that I had found the right place…I was waiting for my appointment for less than 5 minutes and the doctors were already ready to see me…I did not feel rushed at all and did not feel as though he was attempting to upsell me in any way…I told him that I was interested in this new non-invasive fat-freezing procedure called Coolsculpting. He thoroughly explained how the whole process would work and then had me checked out by his daughter, Steph, who was extremely professional and a sweetheart to work with…I highly recommend the Plastic Surgery Group for anyone looking for an upscale plastic surgery practice…”

  • “Drs. Rosen and Ablaza are absolutely amazing. I have also sent family members and friends to the group; and they keep on thanking me. Dr. Ablaza just repaired my aging, splitting earlobes; and she made sure they were absolutely perfect... and they are!!! Love love them!”

  • “I would 100% recommend Dr. Rosen to all my friends and family…I have always been self-conscious about my body but after my Breast Augmentation it really made me a lot more confident in myself…One of my biggest worries doing this surgery was how do I know what size is going to be right for me and my body but Dr. Rosen made it so easy for me. He really took time to understand the look I wanted and made it stress free. Also the office offers a Vectra 3d Imaging, which is so life like and is something that I wasn't offered anywhere else…I couldn't be happier with my outcome!”

  • “I visited the PSG to meet the lovely Dr. Ablaza. I was looking for a gentle freshening of my broken-hearted face. Entering that office in Montclair was a kind and correct decision for me. Dr. Ablaza also "listened" and did exactly what I needed to put a new outlook, a renewed sense of "moving forward." Her expertise and gentle application humbled me.”

  • “From the beginning and all through all of my follow-ups, I have had the most wonderful experience in plastic surgery. Dr. Rosen is the most wonderful soft-spoken doctor I have ever met. The staff in his office along with the staff at the surgical center was outstanding...You will not find any better doctor, treatment or staff in this area for any of your plastic surgery needs…I highly recommend Dr. Rosen. After meeting him and his staff, you will see that there is no need for a second opinion...”

  • “There are no words that can express the gratitude and thanks that I have for what a life changing experience Dr. Ablaza has created for me! She has been so caring and so reassuring letting me know that this was a good decision that we made together. My daughter, Dani, said in the 22 years that she has seen many plastic surgery reductions or implants, she has NEVER SEEN SUCH BEAUTIFUL WORK DONE!!! Dr. Ablaza is truly gifted and has hands of gold! You are all an amazing team and my little angel. Teresa couldn't be working for a better Doctor and Person like you!”